Keep it Local 101: Businesses and Professionals

Keep it Local 101: Businesses and Professionals


Workshop: The Solo Hike

Date/Times: November 7th from 10AM-3PM

Location: Camp CoWork, 191 Jewel Basin Court, Unit 4A, Bigfork, MT

*Lunch is included. Please note that space is limited. Only 6-8 spots are currently open for this workshop.

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Whether you take advantage of NW Montana’s tourism industry or focus on the growing long-term population, local businesses should all have some kind of social media presence. This entry-level workshop will provide attendees with a basic knowledge of social media channels like Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. Our content will also focus on more localized strategies for growth and content creation.

Join Mountain Town Social owner, Britt McGillivray for this 5-hour, immersive workshop. Britt has been building the social media presence of local brands and businesses for over 6 years. Statistics now show that customers are more often referring to, and buying from, businesses via their social channels. Don’t miss out on the trends! Small town shops to cross-country manufacturers, other businesses in the Flathead Valley are using these channels to help them garner growth and sales.

During our Keep It Local Workshop, we will focus on:

  • Growing your followership.

  • Engagement Strategies.

  • Communicating your brand effectively.

  • Using localized content and attractions to your advantage.

  • Platform features like live video, IGTV, Stories and more.

  • Easy-to-use Tools and Apps.

  • Advertising Tips and Strategies.

* Please note that this is an entry level-style class but please come with a basic understanding of how these platforms work. Like, how to post, how to edit photos, etc. Attendees must have established accounts to attend. If you need help with setting up your accounts, please contact us about our management services at

Who is this workshop geared towards? Retail shops, realtors, restaurants/bars, tourism-based services - any business who has a local location or presence that would like to attract new visitors and/or clients.

*Upon purchase, you will be asked to fill out a form. This will give me information about your current social media accounts and the topics/questions that you would like to discuss during our event. Before our event date, I will take an immersive look into YOU - your brand, your offerings and your accounts. That way, we can really focus on each attendee’s social media needs and goals. - Britt