From City Girl to Mountain Mama

My story begins in the city and finds me now in the mountains of NW Montana. I am Brittany - lover of sunsets, pound puppies, towering pines and a silent trail. I am the driving force behind Mountain Town Social and I am happy you are here! My experience in graphic design and social media management prompted me to start this venture. I have seen many small businesses trying to tackle social media tasks on their own, only to be left with feelings of doubt and many hours - or even dollars - wasted.

My career began in advertising and a whirlwind of a summer plucked me up from the midtown of Memphis and placed me in the grandeur of Glacier National Park. That was over 12 years ago and let’s just say, I am now a mountain lover for life. Since then, I have worked a wide array of jobs but they all had a creative aspect. Whether it be in graphic design, marketing or sales, I have been able to build a career that focuses on getting businesses and products SEEN and PURCHASED.

In 2013, I created a product line called Made of Mountains that included outdoor-inspired apparel and accessories. I was able to build that brand using social media to my advantage. Utilizing outlets like Facebook and Instagram, I was able to grow my handmade outlet in to a business that grossed over six figures in sales. Collectively, Made of Mountains had over 40,000 engaged followers across our social media platforms and, at one time, 90% of referrers were from Instagram. So let’s just say, I know my stuff!

I have been fortunate to learn the in’s and out’s of social media management through both trial and error. I also have learned that it is an ever-changing space and am constantly implementing and changing tactics to achieve the best results. Your small business CAN attain big reach with the right management and content creation. I am so excited to speak with you more about your business - or maybe let’s sit down for a consultation! xoxo, Britt McGillivray


Graphic Design Portfolio

Experience & Recognition

2019 - Elected Bigfork Chamber Board Member

2018 - 20 Under 40 Young Professionals to Watch

2017 - Daily Interlake Feature with Made of Mountains

2017 - Flathead Beacon Feature for Entrepreneurship

2013-2018 Creator and Former Owner of Made of Mountains

2010-2013 Sales Director Meissenburg Designs

2005 - BA in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Memphis